There would be no fundamental changes to the system for unsocial hour enhancement payments.  But there would be adjustments affecting some staff:

For staff in Bands 4-9 unsocial hours payments would be completely unaffected and continue to be calculated using the current percentage rates.

For Bands 1-3, unsocial hour enhancements would be calculated in a different way while pay reforms take place to preserve, as a minimum, the current cash values, and move away from staff in lower bands earning more for the same unsocial hours shift than people in the next band up.

The overall value of each unsocial hour worked will increase in each year of the proposed deal as basic pay goes up. The percentage rates that apply in year 3 will then become the new rates for the future.

It is important to emphasise that everyone in bands 1-3 will receive more money overall for every hour they work of unsocial hours.

Detail of changes to Band 1-3 unsocial hours calculations

During the three year pay agreement unsocial hours payments would be calculated in a different way for bands 1-3 to protect and improve the current value as basic pay increases over the three years. These changes have the effect of, as a minimum, preserving the cash value of the enhanced element of pay across the three years of the agreement whilst the pay restructuring takes place. 

New percentages for working unsocial hours will be in place for bands 1- 3 in each of the three years of the agreement, with the percentages staying at the 2020/21 rates going forward. 

However, there are a small number of pay points, particularly in band 3, where the application of the new percentages would result in a lower amount of enhanced pay than that paid in 2017/18. In such circumstances the 2017/18 value of enhanced pay will be paid on top of the new higher plain time hourly rate. Where the new percentages result in a higher value of enhanced pay then payment will be made on that basis.

This means that no staff in the NHS will see any reduction to unsocial hours payments.